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Current Partners

Theranostics Australia employs a radiochemist and radiopharmacist to assist in development of theranostic agents. Theranostics Australia is based at Hollywood Private Hospital where oncologists and surgeons collaborate to advance the improvement of agents. The imaging work will be performed with Oceanic Molecular and Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging. Dr Joe Cardaci, a respected General and Nuclear physician and owner of Diagnostic Nuclear Imaging will also be working and developing this new field at Hollywood Private Hospital.

Partner Clinicians


Dr. Andrew McQuillan

Dr. Bradley Augustson

Medical Oncologists

Dr. Andrew Dean

Dr. Sanjay Mukhedkar


Dr. Peter Bremner

Dr. Oliver Waters

Radiation Oncologists

Dr. Siddhartha Baxi

Dr. Tee Lim


Dr. Sanjay Sharma


Dr. Jeff Thavaseelen

Dr. Shane La Bianca

Partnership Opportunities

For enquiries regarding partnership opportunities, please contact us via