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177Lu-PSMA radioligand therapy for prostate cancerFendler WP, Rahbar W, Herrmann K, Kratochwil C and Eiber M.Journal of Nuclear Medicine2017 July
The impact of 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT on management intent in prostate cancer: results of an Australian prospective multicenter studyROACH PJ, Francis R, Emmett L, Hsiao E, Kneebone A, Hruby G, Eade T, Nguyen Q, Thompson B, Cusick T, McCarthy M, Tang C, Ho B, Stricker P, Scott A.Journal of Nuclear Medicine2017 June
PSMA-Based Radioligand Therapy for Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: The Bad Berka Experience Since 2013.Kulkarni HR, Singh A, Schuchardt C, Niepsch K, Sayeg M, Leshch Y, Wester HJ, Baum RP.Journal of Nuclear Medicine2016 October
Radiation dosimetry for 177Lu-PSMA-I&T in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: Absorbed dose in normal organs and tumor lesions.Okamoto S, Thieme A, Allmann J, D'Alessandria C, Maurer T, Retz M, Tauber R, Heck MM, Wester HJ, Tamaki N, Fendlder WP, Herrmann K, Pfob CH, Scheidhauer K, Schwaiger M, Ziegler S, Eiber M.Journal of Nuclear Medicine2016 September
Imaging Response to Androgen Receptor Inhibition Using 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET: First Human Experience.Hope TA, Truillet CC, Ehman EC, Afshar-Oromieh A, Aggarwal R, Ryan CJ, Carroll PR, Small EJ, Evans MJ.Journal of Nuclear Medicine2016 September
68Ga-PSMA-11 PET as a gate-keeper for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer with radium-223: proof of concept.Ahmadzadehfar H, Azgomi K, Hauser S, Wei X, Yordanova A, Gaertner F, Kürpig S, Strunk H4, Essler M.Journal of Nuclear Medicine2016 September
Predictors of response to radioligand therapy of metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer with 177Lu-PSMA-617.Ferdinandus J, Eppard E, Gärtner F, Kürpig S, Fimmers R, Yordanova A, Hauser S, Feldmann G, Essler M, Ahmadzadehfar H.Journal of Nuclear Medicine2016 September
Current Status of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Targeting in Nuclear Medicine: Clinical Translation of Chelator Containing Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen Ligands Into Diagnostics and Therapy for Prostate Cancer.Kratochwil C, Afshar-Oromieh A, Kopka K, Haberkorn U, Giesel FL.Seminars in Nuclear Medicine2016 September
Radioligand Therapy With 177Lu-PSMA-617 as A Novel Therapeutic Option in Patients With Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer.Rahbar K, Bode A, Weckesser M, Avramovic N, Claesener M, Stegger L, Bögemann M.Journal of Clinical Nuclear Medicine2016 July
Evaluation of radiation safety in (177)Lu-PSMA therapy and development of outpatient treatment protocol.Demir M, Abuqbeitah M, Uslu-Beşli L, Yıldırım Ö, Yeyin N, Çavdar İ, Vatankulu B, Gündüz H, Kabasakal L.Journal of Radiological Protection2016 June
Clinical translation of (177)Lu-labeled PSMA-617: Initial experience in prostate cancer patients.Das T, Guleria M, Parab A, Kale C, Shah H, Sarma HD, Lele VR, Banerjee S.Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Biology2016 May
Response and tolerability of a single dose of 177Lu-PSMA-617 in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: a multicenter retrospective analysis.Rahbar K, Schmidt M, Heinzel A, Eppard E, Bode A, Yordanova A, Claesener M, Ahmadzadehfar HJournal of Nuclear Medicine2016 April
PSMA-targeted radionuclide therapy of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer with Lu-177 labeled PSMA-617.Kratochwil C, Giesel FL, Stefanova M, Benešová M, Bronzel M, Afshar-Oromieh A, Mier W, Eder M, Kopka K, Haberkorn UJournal of Nuclear Medicine2016 March
Therapeutic response and side effects of repeated radioligand therapy with 177Lu-PSMA-DKFZ-617 of castrate-resistant metastatic prostate cancer.Ahmadzadehfar H, Eppard E, Kürpig S, Fimmers R, Yordanova A, Schlenkhoff CD, Gärtner F, Rogenhofer S, Essler M.Oncotarget2016 March
Systemic radioligand therapy with 177Lu-PSMA-I&T in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancerHeck MM, Retz M, D'Alessandria C, Rauscher I, Scheidhauer K, Maurer T, Storz E, Janssen F, Schottelius M, Wester H, Gschwend JE, Schwaiger M, Tauber R, Eiber MThe Journal of Urology2016 March
Lutetium-177 PSMA Radioligand Therapy of Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Safety and EfficacyBaum RP, Kulkarni HR, Schuchardt C, Singh A, Wirtz M, Wiessalla S, Schottelius M, Mueller D, Klette I, Wester HJournal of Nuclear Medicine2016 January
Use of yttrium-90 hydroxyapatite radiosynovectomy as a primary modality of treatment in diffuse pigmented villonodular synovitis of the knee joint: A first case reportKamaleshwaran KK, Rajan D, Krishnan B, Gounder TS, Chakraborty S, Kalarickal R, Mohanan V, Shinto AS.Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine2015 March
Higher Tumour Uptake and Residence Time Enhance the Therapeutic Index of the Radiolabeled Somatostatin Antagonists over the Agonists: The Influence of the Peptide MassOctreoPharm Sciences GmbHOral Presentation Abstract2014 October
[68Ga]-OPS202 targeting somatostatin receptors: In vivo biodistribution and dosimetry in a pig modelOctreoPharm Sciences GmbHPoster Presentation Abstract2014 October
Radiosynovectomy in pigmented villonodular synovitis.Kat S, Kutz R, Elbracht T, Weseloh G, Kuwert T.Nuklearmedizin (Nuclear Medicine)November 2000

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