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We strive to develop and provide powerful innovative therapies

Established in May 2015, we are dedicated to continuously developing and utilising targeted molecular diagnostic imaging and therapeutic agents for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. We have a particular focus on cancers which are difficult to treat or are becoming resistant to conventional therapies. Contact us today to find out more.

Our knowledge of how to treat cancer is the culmination of years of research, education and application of the most innovative developments in the field. Our team of specialists, supported by advanced technologies at our facilities, works tirelessly to offer the most innovative cancer treatments on the market. This includes:

Lutetium-177 Octreotate therapy is used to treat neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) that emerge from the endocrine or nervous system such as carcinoid tumours. It aims to reduce the size of the tumour(s) and stop them from multiplying, as well as to ease the associated symptoms.

Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy is used for people with advanced prostate cancer. It is most often used when the disease has metastasised, and when other therapies are poorly tolerated or have failed. In certain patients, it can produce long-term remission.

Radium-223 therapy is used for people who have prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. The therapy damages the cancer cells in the bone, leading to the tumours shrinking in size, or even disappearing altogether. It is also used to reduce pain that can be associated with bone cancer.


Iodine-131 therapy is a thyroid cancer treatment that uses radiation to treat either thyroid cancer or a hyperactive thyroid (thyrotoxicosis) by targeting the thyroid tissue.

Yttrium-90 SIRT Therapy, or Selective Internal Radiation Therapy, is a treatment for cancers and tumours located within the liver. The aim of this treatment is to reduce the size of inoperable tumours or decrease the number of lesions in the liver. It may allow for the surgical removal of tumours, once considered inoperable. It may also stabilise the disease and prolong the life of the patient.

Yttrium-90 Radiosynovectomy therapy is a treatment for painful joints caused by arthritis or other types of joint diseases, often providing relief for sufferers.


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